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Introduction. - We appreciate your use of the website www.amenitrip.com. ("Amenitrip" and/or Confort Travel "), collectively referred to as the" Site ". Your use of this Site is expressly conditioned upon your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. By using this site, you signify your consent to the Terms and Conditions. Amenitrip reserves the right to add or modify the Terms and Conditions at any time. All terms added or modified will take effect at the time they are updated. The continuous use of this site even after the publication of the changes made to the Terms and Conditions will mean that you accept these changes. Please return periodically to this page to check any changes. Definitions. - For all purposes of the Terms and Conditions hereby established, the following definitions shall be understood: Company (TRAVEL AGENCY).- (Amenitrip). Those who provide ground transportation services as hire and / or act as intermediaries through their reservation services, for the benefit of a User-Tourist, regarding the tourist services offered or operated directly by the Provider. (Hereinafter referred to as "Amenitrip"). www.amenitrip.com.- Website of Amenitrip that acts as an intermediary and as a booking engine, offering the Tourist-User, through the Internet, the various tourist services provided directly by the Supplier. (Hereinafter referred to as the "Site"). USER-PASSENGER- TOURIST. - Person who travels temporarily and / or who uses the site www.amenitrip.com, in order to make reservation and use of ground transportation services and/or intermediation and booking engine of Amenitrip and with the ultimate purpose of enjoying any of the tourist services provided directly by the Supplier. (Hereinafter referred to as "You"). SUPPLIER(Provider). - Physical or moral person that provides direct tourist services to the User-Tourist, contracted, reserved or acquired by the latter through the intermediation and booking engine of the Amenitrip site. Statements. - You declare under protest to say truth, appearing for your own and personal right and/or through your legal guardian, who is a natural or moral person, of age, skilled, capable and with sufficient means or with economic capacity to be obligated under these Terms and Conditions, as well as with interest in acquiring the services of reservation and intermediation specified herein. Site use . – Amenitrip grants you a limited, non-transferable, revocable license to use this Site in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. You must use this site only to make or purchase legitimate reservations and you may not use it for any other purpose, including but not limited to making any speculative, false or fraudulent reservations. This Site and its content referred to in it, in a non-limiting manner: texts, paragraphs, statements, specific combination of words, letters or phonetic elements, graphics, button icons, trademarks, logos, graphic design works, photographs, commercial notices, patents, commercial method, specific combination of colors and forms, editorial material, printed formats, search formats, digital downloads, data compilations, source codes, software, etc. are the exclusive property of Amenitrip or have all the Licenses and Authorizations for such use, therefore You cannot copy, reproduce, republish, upload, modify, transmit or distribute said content without prior written authorization from Amenitrip, except, in the cases (a) in which you download to view and print the material that is contained in this Site or (b) download or print the material that is sent to your email by Amenitrip , in both situations you can only and exclusively use it for your personal use, the printed material must always include the caption "© Amenitrip SA de CV All rights reserved." Any total or partial reproduction of the Site or any use of its content intended for commercial profit is strictly prohibited. You may not use any "robotic", "spider" or other automatic device, program, algorithm or methodology that has similar processes or functions, or any manual process, to monitor or copy any of the Web pages, data or content, source code, which is in this Site in any case and without the prior written consent of Amenitrip. According to the foregoing, you agree that you will not copy, publish, transmit, modify or transfer in any other way the data or content of this Site to any computer, server, website, or other means of mass distribution, for the use of any commercial company, any site, website, or national or foreign company that represents an economic activity. You also agree that you will not use any device of any kind, software or routine to interfere with the performance of this site. Your unauthorized use of this site or any total or partial reproduction of the Site and / or content and its material, may violate the laws governing ownership of Copyright, Industrial Property Rights and other laws. You must respect all notices on Copyright and Industrial Property Rights and you may not alter, hide, or destroy any of these notices. The use of such material on any other website or in any computer network environment is prohibited. It is prohibited by Amenitrip that you place or transmit any material that goes against the law, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, pornographic, profane, or any material that may constitute or encourage others to have behaviors that may be consider criminal offenses, that result in civil crimes, or that in any other way violate any law. In addition, you are prohibited from displaying or transmitting any information that (a) infringes on the rights of other people, or that violates your privacy, or advertising rights, (b) is protected by copyright, trademark or other rights of Property, unless you have the express written permission of Amenitrip or the owner of such rights, (c) that contains a virus, bug or any other dangerous item or (d) that is used to conspire illegally against another person to the detriment of their right to market or compete. You will be solely responsible for any damage that is caused by any violation to the Copyright, Industrial Property, or any other kind of Rights Property, or for any other damage that may be caused by the misuse that you make of this site. Social Networking Sites Facebook, Twitter, You Tube.- This Site contains links to various social pages, including Facebook pages with username: Amenitrip, Twitter page with username: @Amenitrip and You Tube with user Amenitrip, accounts managed by Amenitrip; You acknowledge that such pages are exclusively for informational use and social dissemination of Amenitrip, and Amenitrip will not be responsible for, but not limited to, the content, information, third-party publication, comments, photographs, videos, content of hashtags, or Any other material beyond the direct management of Amenitrip, nor for the material shared on such social sites by You or any third party and outside the management of Amenitrip may violate the industrial property rights or copyright. You are responsible for the use that you may give to such sites, and you release Amenitrip from any liability for any improper or malicious use you may make of them, or for publications, information, comments, and miscellaneous material that may result offensive, insidious, erroneous, pornographic or that could incite to the violence, rebellion, strike, or any activity not allowed by the law and the good customs. RESPECT OF THE REGULATIONS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SERVICES .- You agree to adhere to and respect the regulations and service conditions established by each of the Providers and direct service providers contracted by you through the intermediation of Amenitrip, so that Amenitrip must inform you of the most important ones, however, the Supplier may inform you of new or additional service conditions over which Amenitrip has no responsibility whatsoever and consequently declines any liability that may arise from its non-compliance . Likewise, you must by your own means provide the passports or migration documents required by the authorities of the United Mexican States and the countries of destination or transit, such as visas, health permits, vaccinations and all those Documents required by the Customs, Air, Maritime, Airport, Federal, State, Municipal authorities, etc., that are necessary to carry out your trip, releasing Amenitrip on any problem that may arise with such authorities, as well as the loss of plane tickets, Air transportation or hotel nights on the occasion of such omissions that in NO CASE may be imputed to Amenitrip because it is the sole responsibility of You. In the case of international travel, you agree to arrive at the airports and be documented before the minimum airlines request of TWO AND A HALF HOURS in advance on international flights and TWO HOURS in advance on domestic flights, except for the Express and written instruction you receive from Amenitrip and/or Some other instruction to be presented even before by those authorities or airlines. Payment policies .- The amount corresponding to your ground transportation reservation can be paid in cash to the driver upon arrival at the destination or with Pay Pal as should be done in the case of other services, if you choose the option of Pay Pal, Pay Pal will charge immediately to the Credit card information provided by You in such platform for this purpose, as long as the status of your reservation shows that it is confirmed, it will appear on your account statement with the caption: "AMENITRIP" or with the equivalent legend to the Supplier. If you do not wish to use any of these two payment options, please contact one of our Travel Agents. The rates published on our site are quoted in US Dollars, which are duly specified at the time. Please note that the amount that will appear on your credit card payment receipt may vary up to three percent due to the international fluctuation of the currency exchange rate. Amenitrip is not responsible for this fluctuation. You acknowledge that you have been informed of the fluctuation of the exchange rate and agree to the corresponding charge in US Dollars or in. Canadian Dollars In case you require a tax invoice, please send an email to sales@amenitrip.com . It is worth mentioning that for tax reasons the invoices will be drawn up after generating the payment or after having enjoyed the service (s) reserved(s). Anticipation or settlement of the amount .-Both parties agree that the payment of advances or liquidation of the amount of the services subject to these Terms and Conditions by You, as well as the use of coupons, tickets, courtesy, or any other Document issued in your favor, implies on your part the total acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Additional agreements with suppliers .- Amenitrip is relieved of any liability arising from additional agreements and outside the intermediation with Amenitrip that have been concluded between you and other direct providers of the services, such as tour operators, etc. DISCLAIMER. - www.amenitrip.com will not assume liability for any claims, costs or expenses arising from personal injuries to the client or third parties, or caused by accidents, fatalities, loss or damage to personal property, lack of enjoyment or claims over emotional and mental states such as upset, disappointment, anguish, distress or frustration, or any other damage, whether physical, mental or emotional, arising from the following: Acts committed or omissions caused by any party other than Amenitrip or its employees. Illness, theft, labor disputes, mechanical failures, quarantine, Government actions, weather or any other circumstance beyond direct control of Amenitrip. The client’s failure to obtain the required travel documentation such as, but not limited to, passport, visas and certificates, in which case no refund will be granted. The client’s failure to comply with travel instructions such as, but not limited to, flight schedules, hotel check-in and check-out dates and times, and voucher redemption policies. Misunderstandings from you regarding the terms and conditions in which the service will be provided, since you understand that the only ones that govern are those present and not any other that you believe to have received verbally or telephonically by anyone, since those who govern will always be those that you received in writing and these to be in force at the time of making your reservation. At the insistence of you to make any type of trip, tourist activity, take a tour, excursion, take any type of air transportation, terrestrial, maritime and of any type, under precarious conditions of health or that are not optimal for the Development of such activities, as well as the development by you of any type of extreme sports or activities that may involve any danger and that were carried out under your full knowledge, or when you suffer from some type of illness, medical condition, disability, some type of allergy, you are under medication or medical prescription, rest indications and/or all those medical conditions that at your own risk were omitted and that could result in a deterioration of your health at the time of doing such activities under consciousness of cause, under such occasions will always be considered were performed at your own risk, releasing Amenitrip on any complaint, claim, complaint, disagreement, reward, compensation, claim for direct, indirect, punitive, courtesy, etc., damages arising from any incident caused during the development of any service or activity and any future event arising from the initial incident for any of these causes. A full refund will not be granted by Amenitrip in situations when a service must be interrupted, postponed or cancelled for reasons beyond its control (acts of God such as bad weather -including hurricanes- , earthquakes or war, acts of terrorism or else), circumstances under which www.amenitrip.com is not allowed to obtain full refund from service operators-suppliers in view of specific contract terms. In order to cover book-keeping and administration services, www.amenitrip.com will be thus entitled to up to a 10% retention upon the total amount paid by the client for his/her reservation. Amenitrip will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE, nor assumes any responsibility for ANY damage or viruses that may infect your computer or any other property of you due to the access, use or navigation that you make of this site, or for the download of ANY MATERIAL, data, text, image, video or audio from the site. In no event shall Amenitrip be liable for any injury, damage, damage, loss, claim or any special, punitive, indirect, incidental, negligent, or illegal damages resulting from, (I) any use of this site or the content that here is, (II) any failure or delay (including, without limitation, the use of, or the inability to use any component of this site for the reservation or ticket emission services) , (III) the veracity of the photographs shown for tourist services on the Site as they are only representative and do not guarantee that on arrival, everything is exactly the same as in them is appreciated and the site describes; since they are provided by the direct service providers themselves, by which their truthfulness is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the suppliers and any claim on alleged misleading advertising You acknowledge that you must make it directly to the providers because you are not responsible for these images with full knowledge of you from the moment you hire your tourist service, (IV) the operation or non-operation of the supplier, including, but not limited to, the non-functioning result of bankruptcy, reorganization, bankruptcy, commercial competition, insolvency, dissolution or settlement, strike, stoppage of Work, suspension of activities by decision of the workers of the suppliers, or by any other SIMILAR, since you understand that Amenitrip is only intermediary in the provision of the tourist services offered on the site and understands that in most cases, excepting ground transportation, it cannot control the destination of the payments you have made and even more if they have been already used , where appropriate, by suppliers, including tour operators, excursion companies, etc. OPERATION CONDITIONS 1. Tickets are only valid for the specific date and time originally scheduled. However, some changes, as noted below are allowed. Additional charges may be incurred if number or people have increased or you have moved to a different hotel. 2. Changes to Your Scheduled transfers or excursions: Changes to originally scheduled time, date or excursions can be made without incurring an additional fee, as long as hotel and number of people remains the same and the schedule to make this 18:00hrs. Cancun time, is respected. 3. Cancellation of Reservations: To cancel your transfer or excursion, a call or email should be received PRIOR TO 18:00 hrs. (6pm Cancun time) the day before in order to receive a full refund of your payment or a reinstatement. 4. Reinstatement of Reservation: Cancelled reservations, or credits, may be reinstated for a trip of equal or lesser value, provided that travel will be complete within twelve (12) months from the original date of travel. Any credits not used within twelve (12) months of the original date of travel are no longer valid and cannot be reinstated. 5. Changes Due to Airline Delays: If you need to make changes to a scheduled reservation as a result of airline delays or cancellations, we will change your reservation accordingly without penalty. If your flight is delayed, you may ride the next available vehicle without penalty. 6. No-Show passengers: On airport to hotel transfers passengers will be charged a 10USD penalty fee, on hotel to airport transfers there will be no refunds, on excursions there will be no refunds. 7. All changes to reservations, are subject to the availability of vehicles. 8. No refunds are allowed if cancellation is made after 18:00 *Cancun time* the day before the transfer or excursion. Refunds will be made within 72 hours after a written reimbursement request is sent to sales@amenitrip.com with attachment of the reservation confirmation. 9. Passengers are encouraged to call our office to confirm their reservation at least 24 hours before they are scheduled to depart. 10. Passengers for Hotel-Airport transfers must be at the Boarding Location at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure time, if the vehicle is not at the boarding location by the scheduled departure time, please call the office immediately. 11. We reserve the right to refuse transportation to anyone who in our sole opinion may be disruptive to the driver, other passengers, or might be in inconvenient circumstances. 12. Luggage will not be checked in and will be transported under the sole responsibility of the passenger. (Passengers are responsible to have their bags clearly marked with a name and phone number.) We guarantee space and transportation of two (2) pieces of luggage and two (2) carry-ons not exceeding 14000 cubic inches or 100 pounds total weight per each passenger. Excess and odd-sized luggage will be accepted only if space is available. Passenger shall not transport upon his person or within his luggage any flammable, illicit or unlawful products. 13. Amenitrip shall not be responsible for any items left on our shuttles by any customer. Items left on our vehicles will be held in the Amenitrip office for 30 days. The owner of these items is responsible for making arrangements to pick up the items or to have them returned. The owner will be responsible for all expenses incurred. Passengers are responsible for the care and handling of their own luggage. 14. Amenitrip shall not be responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced freight. Delivery is not guaranteed for any freight item sent. Insurance is not available for freight. Customers are responsible to have freight clearly marked with a name and phone number. Amenitrip reserves the right to open and/or inspect any item sent as freight. Proof of identification may be required for release of package. 15. Amenitrip WILL MAKE ITS BEST EFFORT TO GET PASSENGERS TO THEIR DESTINATION ON OR BEFORE THE SCHEDULED ARRIVAL TIME OR DEPARTURE TIME. HOWEVER, Amenitrip WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DELAYS CAUSED BY WEATHER, ROAD OR TRAFFIC CONDITIONS, OR ANY OTHER CONDITIONS THAT ARE UNFORESEEN. ANY EXPENSES ARISING FROM DELAYED DEPARTURE OR ARRIVAL TIMES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO MISSED FLIGHTS, MISSED SCHEDULES, OR OTHER TRAVEL CONNECTIONS, ARE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PASSENGER. 16. Departing earlier than scheduled departure time may occur if passengers holding confirmed reservations have checked in with our driver. 17. Inclement weather, bad road conditions, or other factors may dictate earlier or later departures or earlier or later arrival times at destinations. Passengers agree to comply with necessary schedule changes and to keep Amenitrip informed as to how they can be contacted. 18. Walk-on passengers are not permitted. 19. No Smoking, nor illicit drugs shall be allowed or tolerated. 20. Customers may choose to allow a minor child, under the age of 18, to travel with Amenitrip. However, our drivers are not responsible for underage children. Our drivers are happy to guide or assist if asked, but cannot supervise minors during the entirety of the trip. 21. Animals must be in a hard carrier and remain in the carrier at all times while on the vehicle. Carriers are stowed with luggage (Back of van). There is an additional $10.00 fee on each transfer. Service dogs can stay with passengers. 22. Passenger/Customer agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Amenitrip from any claims of any kind and nature which may be asserted by any third party against Amenitrip for any actions of passenger, whether negligent or intentional. 23. Should Amenitrip be required to enforce the Terms and Conditions of this agreement by suit or otherwise, all reasonable costs and attorney’s fees incurred shall be reimbursed by passenger. 24. Any disputes between the parties arising under this Contract shall be settled by arbitration, with the fees of the Arbitrator to be shared equally by the parties unless the Arbitrator, at the conclusion of the arbitration, determines otherwise. As part of our outstanding Customers satisfaction commitment, Amenitrip offers the next clauses in case any of these criteria applies: Consider the next definitions to better understanding of this clauses * Reimbursement: Action of returning to the client a partial or total amount paid for a service, either by the express request of the same or by disposition of the Company. Compensation: The action of providing the client a reward as part as an understanding of his/her level of dissatisfaction with a service poorly provided, with monetary equivalent or with another service or product of the company, either by request or by the company's disposition. When Pick Up time of the service contracted by the client (transfer, tour, open service, etc.) has exceeded the maximum waiting time when it is approached, it will be classified as a delay and the following procedure will be followed: Waiting Time Reimbursement Compensation One Way One Way > 15 = 20 minutes 15% 0% > 21 = 30 minutes 25% 0% > 31 =35 minutes 50% 0% > 36 minutes 100% 0% The reimbursement given to the client in ALL CASES will be only for the segment of the service that results affected (Arrival or Departure). Which means, THE PERCENTAGE WILL APPLY TO ONE WAY PRICE, REGARDLESS OF ROUND TRIP reservation. Based on the fact that Amenitrip that Amenitrip makes its maximum effort to provide a punctual service and thus satisfy the requirements of our distinguished passengers, in case the client is not provided with the scheduled service due to an error from the Company, Amenitrip will proceed to provide the service by taxi and the passenger will be reimbursed or paid the cost of the service plus the service that was not provided. Commitment Reimbursement Compensation Taxi One Way Service undelivered by Cia. causes 100% 100% Termination. - Amenitrip may terminate these Terms and conditions and/or any of its services at any time without notice or notification of such termination for any reason or motive, including for any improper use of this site or Your failure to comply with these terms and conditions. However such termination will not affect any right or obligation contracted by Amenitrip with you once confirmed a reservation. Assignment . - You may not assign, subcontract, or delegate your rights, obligations or duties herein contracted. Severability. -These terms and conditions will continue to be divisible. In the event that any term or condition is considered to be prohibited or unenforceable, such provision shall however be binding and such determination will not affect the validity and enforceability of any other remaining provision. Titles . - The titles used in the Terms and Conditions are only used for their convenience and will not limit or otherwise affect the content of the Terms and Conditions set forth herein. Applicable Legislation.- These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the state of Quintana Roo. You declare that you know the scope of this Agreement, the Terms and Conditions of which are the true expression of your will and are subject to the case of non-compliance or interpretation to the jurisdiction of the Federal Consumer Attorney's office (PROFECO), on the way Administrative, as a conciliatory instance, to resolve the differences that could arise and in case of subsisting the same You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Laws and Courts of Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico, under its exclusive jurisdiction, giving up in turn to any other jurisdiction that by reason of their domiciles present or Futures or by the location of their property or by their nationality may correspond. To the extent permitted by the law of application, no complaint, claim or cause of action relating to your access or use of this Site must be submitted after the term of one (1) year following the date on which such complaint, claim or action has been filed or the purchase has been completed. TOTAL AGREEMENT. - These Terms and Conditions, which are included herein, or to which reference is made, constitute the total and complete agreement between the parties in relation to the object herein established, and supersede any previous agreement or contract made between the parties. (Whether oral or written) that is related to the same object, and will not be amended or modified except in writing or making such amendments or modifications available on this site. If you have a question about our service, or you do not understand the “Terms and Conditions,” please call our office.

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